Thursday, December 22, 2011

feedup with crap

i personal know that iam feedup with all the lies and b.s. that goverment is just leting come out of ther mouth and iam realy surprised at how many people are just either dump,stuip,or just like to turne a blind eye to all that crap thats happening if people would stop depeniding on the goverment so much and would relie on there self an commuinty mabe all the crap thats going on with ecomy would not be happing.and any boby that aculty belives that the goverment is helping and has the best interst in the people is a jackass. i just wish people would wake up and see that the goverment has single handly destordy every thing good that we as people could have had. they have ammidted to stealing money from people for years and still are.they taken land and  all cans of other things that dont belong to theme and they say theres nothing the people can do about becouse in all realness we dont have any rights or acculty owne anything and i hope people will wake here soon before its to let